Understanding the IaC CLI test results

As of Snyk CLI v. 1.939.0, the snyk iac test command offers additional results. This new offering is currently in Open Beta. To use it, you need to install the latest version of the Snyk CLI, and to enable the feature in the Snyk Preview page. For more information, see the instructions that follow.
Snyk Infrastructure as Code offers additional CLI iac test results in Snyk CLI v. 1.939.0 and later releases. For additional information on both the later and earlier versions, see the following documentation.
To use the new IaC CLI output results, you need to install the latest Snyk CLI version or to update to this version by entering:
npm install snyk -g
Note: For Install and Update commands for other CLI installation methods, see Install or update the Snyk CLI.
In addition, to use this IaC CLI offering, you need to enable this option in the Snyk Preview page, as follows:
1. On the Snyk Web UI, open the organization whose repositories you want to test via the CLI:
Note: By default, the CLI will run tests under your Preferred Organization, as defined in your Account settings. You can change your Preferred Organization, or set another organizations for the CLI tests.
2. Once the required organization is open, click the Org Settings button on the top menu:
3. On the Org Settings page, select Snyk Preview on the left menu, and move to the section – Additional CLI result information for Infrastructure as Code:
4. On the Additional CLI result information for Infrastructure as Code section, move the slider to Enabled, and click the Save changes button.
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