Configure integration for security issues in Kubernetes configuration files

Snyk tests and monitors Kubernetes configurations stored in your source code repositories and provides information, tips, and tricks to better secure a Kubernetes environment. This helps to catch misconfigurations before they are pushed to production, as well as providing fixes for vulnerabilities.

Supported Git repositories and file formats

Snyk currently scans your Kubernetes configuration files in JSON and YAML format when imported from your integrated Git repository.

Configure Snyk to scan Kubernetes configuration files


Configure Snyk

Log in to the Snyk Web UI (, and navigate to the relevant group and organization that you want to manage
Note Integrations are managed per organization.
From here:
  1. 1.
    Enable Snyk to detect Kubernetes configuration files by enabling the flag in the settings
    > Infrastructure as code page:
  2. 2.
    If needed, review and adjust settings in the Infrastructure as code settings:
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