View Infrastructure as Code issue reports
Use Snyk reports to view issues in your IaC configuration files.
Feature availability This feature is available with all paid plans. See pricing plans for more details.

Infrastructure as Code configuration issues appear in the summary statistics and graphs by default, showing all of the open issues across your projects and issue types:
To view IaC issues only, select Configuration from the Summary filters drop down:
For more details on the summary tab, see Summary tab documentation.

Select the Issues page to see detailed information on open issues across all of your projects.
To view IaC issues only, select Configuration in the Issue filters drop down.
This shows the title of each issue and type, and the severity.
You can also view the issues ungrouped; this shows more information about the project file that the issue is found in, and details on when it was first introduced:
For more details on the issues tab, see Issues tab documentation.

Issues can be exported as a CSV file in the same format as your vulnerabilities, using the Export button.

You can access the full list of issues via the API using the latest issues endpoint.
To retrieve only your Infrastructure as Code issues, submit a body payload:
"filters": {
"orgs": ["my-public-org-id"],
"types": [
You can obtain your public-org-id from the Snyk UI Settings page when you view your target organization.
For the full list of parameters, see the API Documentation.
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