Pushing a bundle
Optionally, once you have generated your custom rules bundle, you can distribute it automatically to one of our supported OCI registries by using the push command:
snyk-iac-rules push -r docker.io/example/test bundle.tar.gz
Make sure to log into your container registry first. For example, using Docker run docker login before running the snyk-iac-rules push command
We use the OCI registries that support the OCI artifact specification and leverage ORAS to achieve that. Amongst our currently supported registries we have:
We do not support insecure registries. The only protocol we support is HTTPS.
And more to come.
Once you have run the command, your custom rules bundle will be pushed to your OCI registry using the latest tag.
You can also provide your own tag if you want to version the bundle:
snyk-iac-rules push -r docker.io/example/test:v0.0.1 bundle.tar.gz
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