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Find and manage priority issues

Snyk has several features that help you determine which issues are the most important for you to fix and the sequence in which to fix the issues.
Some tools use only the single factor of severity to prioritize issues, but this alone can result in thousands of results, with no clear starting point to fix these issues.
Snyk provides more factors to help you prioritize issues, for example, in the case of a known exploit, determining if it is fixable, and looking at social trendis.
You can prioritize the Project level when looking at a specific Project. Enterprise customers can prioritize across all Projects.
View exploits to start evaluating and prioritizing vulnerabilities using guidance from the Snyk Priority Score for each issue.
You can also ignore issues and triage issues to establish your issue management strategy.
Based on your priorities, you can start fixing vulnerabilities.
See the Prioritize issues in the Snyk Web UI training course to learn about prioritization in action.