Getting started with Snyk Container
Get started with Snyk Container to help you find and fix vulnerabilities in container images. See Container security overview and Snyk Container for details.
This process uses the UI. For details of Snyk Container using the Snyk CLI (Command-Line Interface) tool, see Snyk CLI for container security and Test your container images with our CLI tool.


Ensure you have:
    Access to a relevant container registry to use with Snyk. Snyk supports registries including , Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), Google Container Registry (GCR), Microsoft Azure Container Registry (ACR), and JFrog Artifactory. Alternatively, access to Kubernetes if you select that as an integration.
    A Snyk account (go to and sign up - see Create a Snyk account for details).

Stage 1: Add container registry integration

Choose a container registry integration, to connect the registry with Snyk:
    Log in to
    Select Integrations.
    Select a Container registries entry.
    Click the entry to integrate with Snyk.
    Fill in the account credentials and other details as prompted, then save the changes, to integrate this entry with Snyk:

Stage 2: Add projects

Add projects for your selected container, to start scanning with Snyk.
    Click Add Project, and select the integration registry entry to add from:
    Select the container repository and tags to import, then click Add selected repositories to import them into your projects. Importing also sets Snyk to run a daily check on the repositories for vulnerabilities.
    A progress bar appears: click View log to see log results.
If you encounter any errors during import, see the Importing projects information.

Stage 3: View vulnerabilities

You can now see vulnerability results for imported projects.
Select Projects, then click on the imported project entry under its registry record, to see vulnerability information for that project.
Here you can see a summary of the severity of the detected vulnerabilities.
Click on an entry to see details of vulnerabilities found:

Stage 4: Fix and review

    Fix issues found, based on Snyk recommendations.
    Rebuild your image.
    Snyk automatically rescans your new image after it is pushed.

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