Separating projects by branch or version
This feature is currently in Open Beta. There will be areas where it is not fully supported. Currently Snyk Open Source is supported.
Sometimes your project might have multiple states which you want to monitor separately. These could be branches, releases, deployments and so on. You can use --target-reference to separate projects into these specific groupings.
--target-reference takes any text so you can combine it with another command to automatically set it to a value. For example, below is a script that when executed will set --target-reference to the current Git branch.
snyk monitor --target-reference="$(git branch --show-current)"
Similarly if you'd like to use the latest Git tag you can use:
snyk monitor --target-reference="$(git describe --tags --abbrev=0)"
Adjust the command to your liking using whichever developer tools your project uses.
--target-reference will be used for sub-groupings in the Projects page.
A project grouping with sub-groups.
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