Set up the authorization code exchange
After you receive an authorization code, you must exchange it for an access token.
To request an access token, make a POST request to the token endpoint (more details in the API documentation):
as the authorization_code grant type, with the following properties in the request body:
grant_type: authorization_code,
code: code - from the previous step,
redirect_uri: redirect URI - from the previous step,
client_id: clientId - from when the app was created,
client_secret: clientSecret - from when the app was created
The response includes details necessary for your app to communicate with the Snyk APIs: access_token and refresh_token, as well as their expiry. **** Both tokens must be stored in a secured data store. It is highly recommended to encrypt the values before storing them.
The access_token will be used for future API calls on the user & organization’s behalf. It has a much shorter lifespan as compared to the refresh_token.
The refresh_token can be used a single time to get a new access_token when it expires. In other words, the refresh_token will no longer be usable if its own expiry time passes or if it’s used to refresh the access_token.
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