Jira - install and configure using Docker

Follow the instructions on this page to set up Jira with Snyk Broker. This integration is useful to ensure a secure connection with your on-premise Jira deployment.
Docker is a prerequisite.

Generate a Broker token from the Web UI

  1. 1.
    Click Settings > Integrations > Jira > For installation of Jira within a private network click here.
  2. 2.
    Click Generate to generate a Broker Token for Jira and click Show to confirm.

Configure Broker to be used for Jira

To use the Broker Client with a Jira deployment, run docker pull snyk/broker:jira. For definitions of the environment variables, see Jira - environment variables for Snyk Broker.

Docker run command to set up a Broker Client for Jira

Copy the following command to set up a fully configured Broker Client to use with Jira. You can run the Docker container by providing the relevant configuration:
docker run --restart=always \
-p 8000:8000 \
-e BROKER_TOKEN=secret-broker-token \
-e JIRA_USERNAME=username \
-e JIRA_PASSWORD=password \
-e \
-e PORT=8000 \
If necessary, go to the Advanced Configuration section of Install and configure the Snyk Broker client and make any configuration changes needed, for example, providing the CA (Certificate Authority) to the Broker Client configuration when the Jira instance is using a private certificate.
As an alternative to using the Docker run command, you can use a derived Docker image to set up the Broker Client integration. See Derived Docker images for the environment variables to override for the Jira integration.

Start the Broker Client container and verify the connection with Jira

Paste the Broker Client configuration to start the Broker Client container.
Once the container is up, and the Jira Integrations page shows the connection to Jira, under Projects you can create Jira tickets

Basic troubleshooting for Broker with Jira

  • Run docker logs <container id> to look for any errors, where container id is the Jira Broker container ID.
  • Ensure relevant ports are exposed to Jira.