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What counts as a test?

Snyk keeps separate test counts and sets limits for each Snyk product: Snyk Open Source, Snyk Code, Snyk Container, and Snyk IaC.
If you are on the Free Snyk plan, you may run unlimited tests for public repositories, and limited tests on private repositories. See Plans and pricing for more details about Snyk plans. For information about unlimited tests against public repositories, see Running out of tests. If you reach your limit, you can upgrade your plan.

Counting Git repository integration scans

These Snyk features for Git Repositories (SCM) integrations run scans automatically by default:
  • Daily recurring tests
  • An automatic scan, which runs if the dependencies change on your default branch.
  • PR checks, which run when you create a pull request that changes those dependencies.
If you have a Dockerfile in your source code repository, the default settings will detect and scan it, but Dockerfiles count as a Snyk Container scan, not a Snyk Open Source scan.
Terraform and Kubernetes configuration files scanned from source code repositories are counted as Snyk IaC scans.
For container scans from a registry or your Kubernetes cluster, Snyk counts the initial scan and subsequent recurring scans. By default, recurring scans run once a day.

Counting recurring scans

Snyk periodically checks whether your code is affected by newly disclosed vulnerabilities.
The test frequency is set to a default for each product. For information about changing the frequency, see Usage settings, View and edit Project settings, and Test frequency settings on the Snyk Projects page.

Counting CLI tests

A test is counted each time you run one of the following commands:
  • For Snyk Open Source: snyk test or snyk monitor.
  • For Snyk Container: snyk container test or snyk container monitor.
  • For Snyk Code: snyk code test.
For Snyk IaC, the command is snyk iac test. Since this can scan multiple Projects, a scan is counted for every Project being scanned. For example, If a snyk iac test command scans 11 Projects, the count is increased by 11.

Counting app-based tests

A scan runs when you add a new Project or click the re-test button. This is in addition to any automated tests that run.

Counting API tests

Tests are counted when calls are made to the endpoint.