Test your Kubernetes files with Snyk CLI

With Snyk Infrastructure as Code, you can test your configuration files with the CLI. Snyk Infrastructure as Code for Kubernetes supports the following:
  • Deployments, Pods, and Services
  • CronJobs, Jobs, StatefulSet, ReplicaSet, DaemonSet, and ReplicationController
Use the following Snyk CLI command to test for an issue on specified files:
snyk iac test
For example, enter the following:
snyk iac test deploy.yaml
You can also specify multiple files by appending the file names after each other, for example:
snyk iac test file-1.yaml file-2.yaml
For the steps to scan a Helm chart using the Snyk CLI see Testing Helm charts with Snyk CLI.
For the steps to scan a Kustomize template using the Snyk CLI see Test your Kustomize files with Snyk CLI.
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