Configure integration for Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
Enable integration between one Amazon ECR registry and a Snyk organization, and start managing your image security. To integrate with multiple registries, create a unique organization for each one.
Automated Process:
You have the option of establishing cross-account access to enable Snyk's Amazon ECR integration as a 1-click deployment. This options is available as an official AWS Quick Start and eliminates the need for manual configuration.
You will need your Snyk Organization ID and AWS IAM role ARN to complete the integration. The role ARN will be provided for you in the AWS CloudFormation Console's Output tab.
Manual Process:
To enable integration, you must first create a read-only AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role. The role delegates read-only access to all repositories in your registry for Snyk per organization by indicating the list of permitted Snyk-assigned organization IDs.
Thereafter, when integrating additional organizations, you can simply add the additional organization IDs as necessary.
Follow these steps to set up your integration:
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