Using Snyk Code via the CLI
The Snyk Command Line Interface (CLI) for Snyk Code enables you to bring the functionality of Snyk Code into your development workflow. By using the Snyk CLI, you can run Snyk Code tests locally, or incorporate them with your CI/CD pipeline to scan your source code for security vulnerabilities.

Before you start using the Snyk CLI for testing your source code with Snyk Code, verify you have the following prerequisites:
Note: For more information about Snyk Code, see Getting started with Snyk Code.

To test your repository code via the Snyk Code CLI, use the snyk code test command. For more information, see Testing your source code via the CLI.
Before the test, you may want to do the following:
After the test, you can do the following:
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Prerequisites for the Snyk Code CLI
Using the Snyk CLI for Snyk Code tests