Snyk Code
Snyk is dedicated to the premise that security needs to be implemented developer-first in order to meet the speed and scale needs of software-driven businesses.
The problem with traditional SAST products is that they do not work for developers--they are too slow with scans that can take several hours, they historically have had poor accuracy and returned too many false positives. This created hours of wasted time as false alarms were chased down. This eroded developer trust in the tool and additionally these products required security expertise to make their output actionable in order to remediate the issues they find. Snyk changed all of this.

Developer-first approach

Snyk Code is developer-first--embedding SAST as part of the development process, enabling developers to build software securely during development, and not trying to find and fix problems after the code is compiled. Snyk Code works in the IDEs and SCMs developers use to build and review software and provides fast, actionable, meaningful results to fix issues in real-time.

Unparalleled accuracy

Generally, SAST tools have been notorious for the amount of false positives they return. Snyk Code utilizes a semantic analysis AI engine that learns from millions of open-source commits and is paired with Snyk’s Security Intelligence database--this creates a continually growing code security knowledge base, which reduces false positives to near-zero and provide actionable findings that matter.


Speed is the critical factor if you want to support rapid, agile development. Real-time speed allows developers to leverage Code from the IDE and during code review in the SCM, rather than a slow and unnecessary extra step at the end of the development process. Snyk Code scans 10-50x faster than other SAST products, enabling developers to use it while they develop, rather than after they develop as a slow and disruptive step in their process.


Although quickly and accurately detecting potential security flaws in source code is a complicated task, we believe that it's not enough. Snyk can only shift left and empower developers if it actually helps remediate the issue and learn about prevention. Snyk Code leverages its security knowledge base to provide fix examples from real-world projects that offer insight on how to fix the issue. Additionally, Code offers curated educational content about every vulnerability to help developers grow their knowledge and reduce issues over time.
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