Reports overview

Feature availability This feature is available with Enterprise plans. See Snyk Pricing Plans for details. To get access to the Reporting Beta tab, a Snyk admin can activate the reporting in Snyk Preview. Note that Reporting Beta is not available for customers on Multi-Tenant EU or with Snyk Private Cloud.
The Reports area offers data and analytics across all of your projects, displaying historical and aggregated data about projects, issues, dependencies, and licenses. Data in each of the four tabs (seen below) is displayed based on the organization in which you are working, and you can filter this data with different parameters depending on the tab you're viewing.
Additionally, if your account is managed with groups, aggregated data for all of your organizations is displayed when you navigate to Reports from the Group level.
From the Group level, you can filter to view data for multiple organizations, similar to this example:
You can also use the Organization Filters to save and store pre-filtered reports for selected groups of organizations. For more information about this, see our Snyk groups overview.
Additionally, at the Organization level see General actions to filter for:
  • project names
  • project types
  • vulnerability severity
  • a specific period of time
The Reports area comprises these tabs:
  • Summary—the main dashboard displays a birds-eye view of all of your issues (vulnerabilities and licenses), across all of your projects.
  • Issues—all issues (vulnerabilities and licenses) across all of your projects, including their severity, any available fixes, and more.
  • Dependencies—the package dependencies in your project and their health status.
  • Licenses—the licenses in all of your projects and their status.
Report data can also be generated and retrieved with our APIs. For more information about this, see our API documentation.
There may be a delay from the time a project is tested and until that data appears in the Reports area. If you find that there is more than a 9-hour delay, contact our Support team.
Read-only projects and their respective results will not appear in the Reports area.
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