Snyk Broker

Snyk Broker is an open source tool that can act as a proxy between Snyk and special integrations including:
  • Your Source Code Management (SCM) system on-premise platforms
  • Your publicly-accessible Git-based repositories, allowing you to view and control Snyk activity in those repositories for increased data security
  • Your on-premise Jira installation or JFrog Artifactory installation
  • Network-restricted container registries
  • Infrastructure as code (IaC) configuration files using Snyk IaC located on private Git-based repositories
Snyk Broker is an open-source project, hosted at GitHub and published as a set of Docker images for specific integrations. See the Github broker documentation.
Feature availability Snyk Broker is available with Enterprise plans. See pricing plans for more details.
Multi-tenant settings for EU and AU When you have up Broker, Code Agent, or both for use in EU or AU Multi-tenant environments, additional environment variables with the specific URLs are required. Example: -e BROKER_SERVER_URL= For the URLs, see EU and AU account datacenter creation.
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