Introduction to Snyk projects
Projects define the items Snyk scans.
A project includes:
  • A scannable item external to Snyk.
  • Configuration to define how to run that scan.
Projects appear on the Projects menu on the Snyk dashboard:


The address of the item to scan (external to Snyk), such as a Kubernetes cluster or a GitHub repo. One target may relate to many projects. The structure of the target depends on the origin.


The project ecosystem, such as CLI, API, or Kubernetes.


The specific item to scan in a target, such as a pom file in a GitHub repo.
Snyk Code scans do not use targetfiles.


The scanning method to use for this project, such as static application security testing (SAST, for scanning using Snyk Code) or maven for a maven project using Snyk Open Source). Part of the configuration for scanning.
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