Configuration of the Eclipse plugin
You can set the following configuration options in the Snyk preferences.
The Snyk preference page
  • Snyk API Token: Set the authentication token from Snyk.
  • Path: Specify your additions to the path to find needed third party tools such as Gradle or Maven.
  • Custom Endpoint: Specify the custom endpoint for Single Tenant setups instead of
  • Allow unknown certificate authorities: Disable certificate checks for SSL connections.
  • Snyk Open Source enabled: Enable/Disable Snyk Open Source Dependency Scans via Language Server. Default: Enabled during beta
  • Snyk Code enabled: Enable/Disable Snyk Code Scans via Language Server. Default: Disabled during beta.
  • Snyk Infrastructure-as-Code enabled : Enable/Disable Snyk IaC Scans via Language Server. Default: Enabled during beta.
  • Organization: Specify the Snyk Organization to use for scanning.
  • Additional Parameters: Specify additional parameters to pass to the CLI (for example, --all-projects or -d.
  • Additional Environment: Add environment variables to Language Server, multiple can be separated by ;. Example: JAVA_HOME=/usr/local/bin;GOPATH=/usr/local/bin
  • Update and install Snyk binaries automatically: If disabled, no updates are downloaded and updates must be performed manually. Please make sure that the locations for Language Server and CLI point to an existent, current binary.
  • Snyk Language Server: Specify the location of your language server binary.
  • Snyk CLI: Specify the location of the Snyk CLI .
  • Send error reports to Snyk: Send errors from Language Server to Snyk to enable quicker bug fixing. Default: Enabled.
  • Send usage statistics to Snyk: Allow Snyk to get usage data to improve workflows. Default: Enabled.

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