Authentication for the Eclipse plugin
Once the CLI is downloaded you will be redirected to the browser to authenticate and then connect the IDE with your account.

  • You get a notification that a browser window will open (lower right).
Notification, browser window opening for authentication
  • Once you are redirected to the browser for authentication, click Authenticate.
  • You should see a successful message saying you've been authenticated.
Confirmation of authentication
  • Going back to the IDE, you should see a confirmation that the IDE has been successfully connected and the API token has been securely stored (lower right).
Confirmation of connection
To verify that the Eclipse plugin is ready to start scanning, be sure the Snyk preferences show the following after the downloads and the authentication are done:
  • Language server path that the Eclipse plugin will use
  • Snyk CLI path that the Eclipse plugin will use
  • Snyk API token, securely stored through the Eclipse's secure storage mechanism
Snyk preferences

You can provide the API token by copying it from your account settings and paste it into the Eclipse preferences Snyk API Token field. Click Apply and Close once the token has been set.
Configure token

Change the configuration settings as needed and set the environment variables.
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