Snyk Projects


Targets represent an external resource Snyk has scanned: a code repository, a Kubernetes workload, or other scannable resources external to Snyk. Targets appear in the Projects menu on the Snyk dashboard when you select Group by target.
A Project is a scanned manifest file within a Target. Each Snyk Project is associated with a parent Target. One Target may include many Projects. The structure of the Target depends on the origin.
The grouping option controls whether your filtering attributes are applied at the Target or at the Project level. Group by none (ungrouped) lets you apply tags and filtering attributes at the Project level, to the individual Projects.
Group by target applies filtering attributes at the Target level
Snyk provides pagination to improve the page loading time for Projects page requests and filtering, which is particularly relevant if you have hundreds of thousands of Projects to scan.
Use Sort by to list your Projects by severity, by how recently they were imported, or in alphabetical order.
Targets also appear on the Snyk API.


The origin defines the Target ecosystem, such as CLI, GitHub, or Kubernetes. Origins are a property of Targets and appear in the Projects menu as an icon next to the target name.
An origin defines the Target ecosystem
Possible origin values are:
  • acr
  • api
  • artifactory-cr
  • aws-config
  • aws-lamba
  • azure-functions
  • azure-repos
  • bitbucket-cloud
  • bitbucket-server
  • cli
  • cloud-foundry
  • digitalocean-cr
  • docker-hub
  • ecr
  • gcr
  • github
  • github-cr
  • github-enterprise
  • gitlab
  • gitlab-cr
  • google-artifact-cr
  • harbor-cr
  • heroku
  • ibm-cloud
  • kubernetes
  • nexus-cr
  • pivotal
  • quay-cr
  • terraform-cloud

Snyk Projects

Snyk Projects define the items that Snyk scans for a given Target.
A Project includes:
  • A scannable or scanned manifest file that is external to Snyk.
  • A configuration to define how to run that scan.
Projects appear in the Projects menu on the Snyk dashboard and in the Snyk API. Use Group by none (ungrouped) for better Project visibility and to apply filtering attributes at the Project level.
Project level filtering attributes


The specific item to scan in a target, such as a pom.xml file in a GitHub repo.
Snyk Code scans do not use targetfiles.


The scanning method to use for this project, such as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) for scanning using Snyk Code, or Maven for a Maven project using Snyk Open Source. Part of the configuration for scanning.