Prerequisite setting

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Before installing Snyk Controller, make sure you have the prerequisites:
  • You must have an administrator account for your Snyk organization.
  • You must have a minimum of 50 GB of storage available in the form of an emptyDir on the cluster.
  • You must have a minimum of the indicated RAM requirements to run on the cluster.
requests: cpu: "250m" memory: "400Mi"
limits: cpu: "1" memory: "2Gi"
  • Your Kubernetes cluster must be able to communicate with Snyk outbound over HTTPS.
  • Enable the Kubernetes Integration to get your Integration ID.
  • Create a Group or Org Service Account Token as described in the Snyk Service Account documentation. There are three (3) different roles that allow the integration to publish data:
    • Group Admin
    • Org Admin
    • Org custom role with the permission: “Publish Kubernetes Resources”
  • Install Helm locally
If you are using Snyk deployed in an alternative data center (for example, MT-EU or MT-AU), you will need to change the upstream endpoint integrationApi URL through an environment variable as follows for your specific deployment.
--set integrationApi=
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