Viewing and working with the PR Check results on the Snyk Web UI

After Snyk Code scanned your PR, and you clicked the link of the PR Check results in your SCM, you move directly to the PR checks page on the Snyk Web UI. From this Web UI page, you can do the following:

Viewing the full details of each of the discovered issues

After the Automatic PR Check discovers security issues in a PR, you can view the full details and fix example Snyk Code provides for these issues on the Web UI.
To view the full details of issues discovered in PR Checks:
Note: The SAST check page appears after you click the PR Checks results in the SCM.
  • On the SAST check page, locate the required issue, and click the Full details button on the bottom right corner:
The full details of the discovered issue are displayed:

Marking failed PR checks as successful

If you want to merge PRs that have security issues, and therefore were failed by Snyk Code, you can mark them as Successful. When these issues will be marked as Successful, Snyk Code will pass them in your SCM and will allow you to merge them.
The Mark as successful action does NOT ignore the issue, but only allows it to pass in the current PR branch. If this issue will not be fixed, it will show up again in future commits and in the repository tests, once it will be merged into the target branch.
To mark failed PR checks as successful:
1. On the SAST check page header, click the Mark as successful in SCM button on the right:
2. On the confirmation message that appears, click OK:
A message appears on the SAST check page header, informing you that the failed PRs are now marked as successful:
On your SCM, the previous PR Check “failed” message is now changed to “passed”. In addition, there is an indication that the PR check was Skipped, and that a specific Snyk user forced this result change:

Returning to your SCM

You can return to your SCM directly from the Snyk Web UI.
To return to your SCM from the Web UI:
1. On the SAST check page > Project Summary Information area, click the PR Check Group option:
2. On the Security check page, click the repository link in the REPOSITORY field:
You are moved back to your SCM.
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