IDE integrations

JetBrains IDE plugins

For more details, see JetBrains IDE Plugins.

VS Code IDE plugin

Visual Studio IDE plugin

For more details, see the Visual Studio extension for Snyk Code.

SCM integrations

Repository monitoring

This integration allows you to:
  • Manage Code projects using your existing native import flow and tools
  • View and prioritize security issues found in the source code
  • Run a retest of a project and see history snapshots of a project

Supported SCMs

Snyk Code integrates with the following SCMs: GitHub, Bitbucket , Azure, GitLab.

Supported languages

Snyk Code supports wide range of languages: see Snyk Code language support for the full list.

PR checks

Coming soon! Stay tuned.

CI integrations

Test code in CI/CD using Snyk CLI

The Snyk Command Line Interface (CLI) for Snyk Code helps you find and fix security flaws in your code on your local machine or in the CI/CD process.

APIs and extensibility

Public APIs

You can query Code projects and issues from our v3 APIs.

Other integrations

Jira integration

You can connect Code with your Jira instance to allow developers to easily export issue data to Jira issues.