Importing additional repositories to Snyk
If you already have Projects in your Snyk Account, you can add other repositories to be tested by Snyk Code.
Note: If the Snyk Code feature was previously disabled, and you want to apply the Snyk Code testing to your existing repositories as well, you need to re-import these repositories.
To import additional repositories to Snyk:
1. Open the Snyk Web UI, and click either the Dashboard or Projects tabs on the top menu.
2. On the Dashboard or Projects page, click the Add project button. Then, select from the pop-up list the SCM that contains the repositories you want to import:
The Personal and Organization repositories page appears, displaying the repositories available to you in the selected SCM.
3. In the Personal and Organization repositories page, select the checkboxes of the repositories you want to import to Snyk. If you want Snyk Code to also test repositories you previously imported, select these repositories as well for re-import:
4. After you selected the required repositories, click the Add selected repositories button to import the repositories into your Snyk Account:
The selected repositories are imported to Snyk Code, and a progress bar appears on the Projects page. When the import is completed, a confirmation message appears on the Projects page, informing you of the success of the import. Your imported repositories appear as Target folders, each containing the Code analysis Project that includes the findings of the Snyk Code test:
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