Provision Azure services


The objective for these exercises is to demonstrate how Snyk secures your workloads in the context of source control systems. We will provide basic patterns intended for use in learning environments. For a deeper dive and learning more about Azure DevOps, we suggest referencing Microsoft's getting started documentation.

Create your Azure DevOps Project

We will organize our development work using a project which will contain a repository. In the following steps, we will invoke the az devops project create command to create our team project. Let's get started.
First, let's create the project by running the following command:
az devops project create --name MySnykProject --org --source-control git --visibility private
Note that we are passing a few additional parameters to set our source control to git and our repository to private.
Upon successful completion, you will see output similar to the following:
"abbreviation": null,
"capabilities": {
"processTemplate": {
"templateName": "Basic",
"templateTypeId": "<guid>"
"versioncontrol": {
"gitEnabled": "True",
"sourceControlType": "Git",
"tfvcEnabled": "False"
"defaultTeam": {
"id": "<guid>",
"name": "MySnykProject Team",
"url": "<guid>/teams/<guid>"
"defaultTeamImageUrl": null,
"description": null,
"id": "<guid>",
"name": "MySnykProject",
"revision": 21,
"state": "wellFormed",
"url": "<guid>",
"visibility": "private"
Alternatively, you can pass the --open parameter to the above CLI command to open the project in the default web browser which should look similar to the following figure:
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