Once Snyk Security Scan extension for Azure DevOps is installed, we will need to perform a few simple steps to configure it so that it can communicate with your Snyk account. To do this, we will create a Snyk Service Account (preferred) or use your Snyk Organization ID if you are on a free-tier plan.
You can learn more about Snyk Service Accounts by visiting our documentation page.
You can obtain the token by logging into Snyk and clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right navigation bar as shown below.
Under the Settings menu, you will select the General tab and then either Click the copy button if using the Org ID or Manage service accounts (recommended) if you are on a paid plan.
Now, we will move back to our Azure DevOps browser tab to complete the configuration. You can add or change your token by navigating to your Azure Pipelines Project Settings and selecting Service Extensions as shown below:
From there you can configure the Service URL, input the Snyk API Token, and name your connection. Please refer to the image below as an example:
When complete, click Save. Now, let's move onto the next section!
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