Deploy a sample application
DO NOT deploy the following sample application in a production environment. This application is used for demo purposes and contains a number of vulnerabilities. It is highly recommended that you promptly uninstall the application after you've completed the tutorial.
Snyk provides a demo application called goof which may be used for this tutorial. You may deploy any application you desire. To deploy the goof app, clone the repository to your local environment with the following command:
git clone
Next, change directory or cd to where you cloned as follows:
cd k8s-goof/
This will bring us to where we have conveniently placed some Kubernetes manifests to help with your deployments. Run the following commands:
kubectl create namespace goof && \
kubectl apply -f ./manifests -n goof
It may take a few minutes for your application to be ready, but you can check the status with the following command:
kubectl get pods -n goof
When these display that they are in a ready state 1/1 then you should be able to pull the external IP and past that into a browser window to access the application. You can get the external IP for the application with the following command:
kubectl get svc -n goof
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