Connect to Snyk
At this stage of the configuration, you will be prompted to authenticate. Snyk supports the following identity providers for authentication:
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket
  • Google
  • Azure
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
Additional details on authentication may be found on our documentation pages.
It's important to call out that this integration is FREE! We take care of creating your free account as part of this configuration without any additional steps on your part.
Having selected your identity provider, you will receive a confirmation message to Authorize the app. Click this once and proceed.
The next step will be to configure the integration settings. Here you will select the Snyk Organization where scan results will be stored as well as vulnerability handling and threshold to block deployment by severity. These settings will differ based on your specific use case and organizational policies.
For the purpose of this lab, however, we will not block deployments and click Continue.
Click Confirm to complete the authorization request.
You will notice a confirmation that the connection was successfully established and at this point can click on Done.
If at any point in time, you need to revoke the authorization, you can do so by logging into Snyk and clicking Revoke from the list of Authorized Applications under Account Settings as shown below.
Finally, let's confirm our selections and click Save to complete our pipeline configuration.
...and acknowledge the changes.
Let's move on!
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