What you need for Snyk Broker for Bitbucket Data Center
This tutorial assumes you have the following:
  • Bitbucket Data Center running on your infrastructure or in the cloud
  • A Snyk account
The base requirements for Snyk Broker are described in the Snyk Broker docs. We highlight some of the requirements necessary.
You have several options to install Snyk Broker on your infrastructure, including a container or an AWS Quick Start.
To get started, you'll need:
  • A Broker Token for the specific type of integration you are using, provided by the support team at Snyk. For this Tutorial, we'll use the Bitbucket Server connection. See the list on our documentation site for examples of other options.
  • Administrative permissions on your Bitbucket Data Center instance.
  • Permissions on to import projects.
  • A successful installation of Snyk Broker. You would have provided the following information the configuration of that instance as outlined in the Snyk documentation:
    • A Bitbucket Username
    • A Bitbucket Password
    • A Bitbucket Hostname
    • A Bitbucket API endpoint
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