Snyk Partner workshops

Common setup requirements explained.
The Snyk Partner workshops utilize several different tools that include repository, pipeline, and cloud operations. While each workshop contains tools and technologies to its use cases, there tools common to the entire collection of workshops. This section collects those setups into a single place. As we expand our library of workshops, we recognize the need to consolidate setup operations into common pages. New workshops will utilize the common pages, and existing workshops will continue to embed setup until they are revised.
The guidance here start with the context for how Snyk uses the tool, and then how to configure or integrate specifically with Snyk tooling in mind. Where possible, we will augment existing documentation as provided by the original authors to reduce duplication of instructions.
The subpages in this section cover common setup operations for repositories, CI/CD pipeline environments, Cloud providers, and other tooling utilized in Snyk workshops. As we onboard more examples with new integrations, our list will expand. The presence of a tool is not meant as an endorsement but instead driven by their use in a recent workshop.