Snyk Training

Snyk Training provides videos and self-paced courses for learning:
  • How to implement Snyk
  • How to configure and manage Snyk organizations
  • How to use Snyk to find and fix issues
The platform is an easy way for teams to get an introduction to Snyk tools and user best practices. Most courses take between 3 and 10 minutes, and have been described by a customer as a "very good overview on how to get started with the Snyk journey!"

Implementation course catalog

Learn about key decisions and tasks for Snyk implementation in this set of resources. You'll find information to help decision makers and teams decide where to implement Snyk and the best practices for rolling out Snyk across a business or enterprise. You'll learn different ways to structure your account and how to set up single sign-on (SSO) for authentication and user provisioning.

Configuring and managing Snyk course catalog

Learn about setting up, configuring, and managing an Organization in Snyk. You'll find topics to get you off to the right start, including setting the defaults for your Organization's notifications and alerts. You'll also learn different ways to configure various automations that Snyk offers to optimize your application security.

Finding and fixing issues with Snyk course catalog

Learn how to use Snyk to find and fix issues in different ways. These short courses demonstrate how to get started with the Snyk CLI, with a plug-in or extension to use in your IDE, and how to find, prioritize, and fix issues via the Snyk Web UI.

Video library catalog

In addition to the courses available for enrollment, the video library offers individual videos that provide quick demonstrations or refreshers on key Snyk tasks. Each video includes links to related courses.

Additional resources

Snyk Training is one component of learning available for users and customers.
The Digital Success program offers customers a way to get started quickly and scale learning to the rest of their teams. In addition to the self-paced content available in Snyk Training, customers can take advantage of:
  • Office hours: Informal sessions to discuss a Snyk topic
  • Kickoff sessions: Guided learning for roll out best practices
Also see Snyk Learn for developer education for general security across a variety of languages and ecosystems.
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