Snyk products and environments

Snyk products: choose what to scan

You can use Snyk products to scan:
  • Open source vulnerabilities: Snyk Open Source (see also Snyk license compliance to manage your open source license usage).
  • Source code: Snyk Code - find and fix vulnerabilities in your source code during the coding stage in your native workflow.
  • Container images and Kubernetes applications: Snyk Container - find and fix vulnerabilities in container images and Kubernetes applications.
  • Configuration code: Snyk Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - find and fix insecure configurations in Terraform and Kubernetes code.
  • Cloud infrastructure: Snyk Cloud - find and fix misconfigurations in Amazon Web Services accounts.

Snyk environments: choose how to run Snyk

Snyk environments are the ways you can access your selected Snyk product:
  • Web: the Snyk Web UI ( provides a browser-based experience, along with functions such as configuration settings, filtering and fixing discovered issues, and reports.
  • CLI: the Snyk Command Line Interface enables you to run vulnerability scans on your local machine and integrate Snyk into your pipeline.
  • IDEs: the Snyk IDE integrations enable you to embed Snyk in your development environment.
  • API: the Snyk API enables you to programmatically integrate with Snyk, tuning Snyk’s security automation to your specific workflows.

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Snyk products: choose what to scan
Snyk environments: choose how to run Snyk